Mangalayatan University

 About Mangalayatan University
The word Mangalayatan is fashioned by the combination of two words; Mangal & Ayatan, which refers to the Home (Place) that brings up glee (contentment) and energetic vibrations.

The vision of the University is “Mangalayatan University India”, with a firm belief in the fact that “As your island of knowledge grows, so does your shoreline”. Mangalayatan symbolizes the ultimate resource which flourishes well-being and peace.

Mangalayatan University has been enacted by Uttar Pradesh State Legislature under the “Mangalayatan University Uttar Pradesh Act” and notified by the Government of Uttar Pradesh as Act No. 32 of 2006, notified by its Gazette No. 362/VII-V-1-1(Ka)-12/2006 dated 30th Oct, 2006.

Mangalayatan University is a fully Government recognized University with the right to confer degrees as per section 2f and 22(1) of the UGC Act